In my attempts to get organized I decided there was to much wasted space above the tool area. I also had some nice timber I had removed from inside the house. A half put together dodgy looking built-in that came with the house. Conclusion: Shelves! This also bought up in my mind that they should have some backing I could also visualize Pegboard to hang some of those things that just don’t go anywhere else. A quick trip to the hardware store and I came back with some Shelf brackets and some particle board. Huh? You said pegboard? Pegboard was $42 a sheet at 1200 x 900!!! this particle board was $16 for the same size sheet and thick enough to screw, nail or bash with a hammer (who doesn’t enjoy hitting things with a hammer) Now I can empty out the bench below it which was to low to comfortable grab stuff that was used a lot and I can put all the electric tools in and such. All the handy stuff can go on the shelf



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