Kill It NOW Patch Cabling!


Opposing the sexy patch cabling from last month here we have the opposite! While certainly having more character it just doesn’t have the sexy. Three IT Trainees have been found dead in this nest of Cable madness! Very limited cable management can help cabling get like this. On the flip side it can get MUCH worse than this 🙂stuff 002

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A Big Fuck Off Knife

I got a new knife the other day to add to the collection. It’s a Widder brand, made in Solingen Germany. Solingen is the City of swords and has produces all types of blades for many years. Some really nice stuff comes out of there. This particular knife does not feel like high quality steel but is in most excellent condition! It’s dated sometime before 1974 and has an aluminium pommel with some detail on the end. Decent sized Stag Handle that looks nicely made. At 34 cm long I can’t imagine wearing this bad boy around unless a need to re-enact the “That’s not a knife… This is a knife!” scene from the movie  Crocodile Dundee came up.  This knife does not appear to have ever been sharpened! Maybe one day I’ll need to run down a Buffalo. I can use it then 🙂

stuff 040 stuff 041 stuff 038 stuff 039

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