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Shopping Wish List

To save me looking up some of these things after I’ve done the research and not buying….. Then forgetting said items model and brand and having to start again in the future I have had the idea of this post…….


Lincoln Speedtec 200C 200A Multi Process MIG Welder


Tool Kit….. Sidchrome was my brand of choice but I really don’t like the thought of the plastic handles…… leaning towards the equivalent in other brands 

Sidchrome 382 Piece 13 Drawer Tool Kit With Wide Body Roll Cab


Black Squid Jacket – Amazing looking. Some reviews don’t seem good on longtivity

Black Squid Jacket | Available at


Note to self: Links aren’t necessarily where to buy from


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Where’s the New Stuff?

After a bit of a break I have begun posting videos instead of text!

Here is a link to the UToobs if you want to take a look there…….


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Best Battery Ever

Found this in an ancient laptop the other day. I would love it if Duracell still did stuff like this. When you’re used to seeing smaller AA’s of the same brand and colours it’s amazeballs to stumble on something like this.

Dangertech Approved.



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