Shed Sort and Cleanup

Attempts have been under way to clean up the shed so its a usable space again. As opposed to somewhere to dump stuff and keep tools 🙂

These pics are where its at now and it looks kinda bad even though this is AFTER multiple passes at cleaning! HA! I kept forgetting to take damn photos of the un-heavenly mess that was there before. Which is probably okay since it would make your soul hurt.

Its good having actual floor space to casually walk through. Also Bench space! Have you ever had so much shit laying around that there’s no room to put it so you put it on the floor in any available gap? Well, that’s what the shed was like. When you actually try and sort some stuff there’s no space available to sort. Nor can you get to some of the places where the sorted stuff is meant to live! Fortunately this time of apocalypse has passed and I now have room again!

20140808_174835 20140808_174901 20140808_174856

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